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Scripted and presented this virtual tour of Freemasons Hall and the Museum of Freemasonry. Currently it has over 12,000 views. 


Visitor Assistant

Visitor Assistant and tour host at the Museum of Freemasonry. I have excellent reviews for my role. Please see here.

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Participatory private view event

For the private view of the HLF funded project 'Beyond Documentary' at the Museum of London, I and the team pitched, created and delivered a participatory workshop to run alongside the viewing. 

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Report writing and data handling

Experience in managing data sets of quantative and qualatative data. I know how to handle extended collection of ethnographic research, and turn these into reports. I have produced reports for Brooklands Museum, Estorick Collection, Museum of Freemasonry, Lauderdale House and Kingston University.

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Exhibition at the Freud Museum

Undertook extensive research into an underresearched item from the Freud Museums collection. I then created an exhibition piece that explored the nature of the object in light of Freudian psychology, collection mentality, and object origin. I created a participatory exhibition with digital elements. Viewable here. 

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Catalogue design for One Festival of Homeless Arts

Working with The Pilion Trust, I designed the catalog for the exhibition. 

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Master of Arts with distinction

Awarded the degree in the field of Museum and Gallery Studies 2020, as well as the Kingston Gold award and the award 'Outstanding Creative Practice' for my dissertation.


Collections Volunteer

Collections Volunteer at the Museum of Freemasonry from Jan 2019-March 2020. Worked to catalogue items, researched item provenance and delivered talks alongside the collections manager. 

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Hackney Flowers Short

As part of the Museum of London's HLF funded project 'Beyond Documentary', I worked in a small team of fellow Londoners to create a short film about the museums new photograph acquisitions. Find it here.


Oral histories

Experince in recording, collecting and reporting on oral histories and ethnographic interviews. 

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New programme for Estorick Collection

Conducted research into current visitors to the Estorick Collection, utilising data already held by the museum and my own ethnographic research. I used this as a basis to create a dynamic exhibition program that met the needs of those audience groups who were under-represented at the museum. 

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Comm\unity Exhibition For AWTF in partnership with Lauderdale House 

Working with The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation to produce and acquire works of art as donations to be featured in a show of unity with members of the local Camden, Holloway, and Highgate community. These artworks were made by local artists, celebrities, professional artists, and members of the charity. Each work sold with 100% of profit for The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. I also created the exhibition online catalog, the branding, secured the space for free, and had coverage in the local paper. 

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Pubology Museum curator

Current curator and owner of the Pubology Museum project which grew out of my university dissertation. See here for more.


Workshop for a New Museum

Following previous work at the Museum of London, I was invited to take part in the group consultation process for developing the new museum. 

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Learning pack for Brooklands Museum

Created and pitched a teachers learning pack for GCSE English students, featuring participatory elements for Brooklands Museum. 


Interactive panel managment and design

For Lauderdale House, I worked to designed a layout for the interactive panel which utalised the new brand idenity. I spent time after this extracting the data from the panels too. 

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Exhibition design for New Museum at Smithfield

With the new move to Smithfield taking place, my MA cohort worked to produce new exhibition displays pitches for the Museum of London. I focused on using the heritage of Smithfield while combining its current use as a lively nightclub scene to create a dynamic exhibition that changed throughout the day to represent the ''active'' times of the groups that have used Smithfield and continue to use Smithfield - from ravers to butchers, all were represented. 


Sawubona - a participatory project

While working at the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, I devised a program that saw local private school children meet with The Pilion Trust young homeless people. The common ground they found was superb and challenged preconceived notions on both sides. This project saw them use photography to create portraits of each other which showed their experience and showcased their views on who each other were.  This culminated in a small exhibition at Lauderdale House.