Awarded the Prize for Outstanding Creative Practice, my Pubology project explores and interrogates the pub as a phenomenological site imbued with meanings, memories and a spcae with much collective history. As such I believe the Pub is a site for community-making and nation-making. The pub has never translated well into museums and heritage sites. Explorations of the pub are always to be found in the 'local interest' section - not that there is anything wrong with this great section - but it is rarely treated with academic clout. Tom Harrison, the Barefoot Anthropologist - or as I like to call him Lord Byron of Anthropology - used Mass Observation to document the pub in Worktown back in 1939. Since then, there does not seem to have been much mass gathering of data regarding the pub and how it is used. This is where my project was born - sitting in a 'Spoons thinking about the social history of the pub and why I hadn't seen it represented in museums 

I drew on my own history, my family's history, and those around me's history of the pub. I started to collect stories, memories, ephemera. I speak to random pub attendees, I spoke with those who didn't like the pub. I attempted to capture the sounds, the sights, the smells of the pub. I then looked into new ways of documenting and recording phenomenological aspects into museum collections so that objects might maintain their essence, their connection to the present contemporary moment. 

You can find the archive here.

It's still in progress, although currently halted due to the pandemic! (but I'm collecting some of that too!) 

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